The media narrative on Boehner

The mainstream media's reporting on John Boehner in the days since his resignation is hugely revealing. For conservatives it confirms what they’ve always known: the symbiotic relationship between the media and the political class. 

Most incredible has been the coverage of Boehner himself. Almost always hostile to Boehner in the past, he is now portrayed with understanding, even sympathy. Suddenly this man who they so mercilessly mocked for so long is almost an heroic figure! The narrative is that Boehner resigned because he was willing to compromise with Democrats; and that while neither side can expect to get everything it wants in a democracy – in Boehner’s case, because he was dealing with a Democratic president and (for most of his term),  a Democratic Senate -- he accomplished a great deal. Hadn’t he kept taxes low for 99% of Americans, reduced spending by $2.1 trillion, accomplished serious entitlement reform? Conservatives should appreciate all that, but of course they never did. Why? Because by definition conservatives are unreasonable. Childishly stubborn. Anti-democratic.  They steadfastly refused to understand the impossible position that Boehner was in.  According to the media, as soon as conservatives realize how good they had it with Boehner, they are going to bitterly regret ousting. Don’t hold your breath. In fact, Boehner never compromised in good faith; if he had, conservative would have held their noses and understood. When you control only one branch of government, compromise is essential – indeed, what the Founders intended. But what he did was not compromise, but, time and time again,  capitulate – and never more so than on crony programs that benefit the political class and big business at the expense of main-street America. 

Take the Tax Prevention Act of 2014. It naturally received scant attention from the press. Listed below are a few examples of tax credits in the bill.

  • the classification of race horses as three-year property for depreciation purposes

  • the sub-part F income exemption for income derived in the active conduct of a banking, financing, or insurance business

  • the tax deduction for income attributable to domestic production activities in Puerto Rico. 

  • the tax credit for American Samoa economic development expenditures  

  • the special depreciation allowance for second generation biofuel plant property

  • tax rules relating to payments between related foreign corporations and dividends of regulated investment companies.

It is the perfect example of why conservatives maintain that what we have had for too long is basically one-party government – the party of the establishment, supported by their allies in the elite media. 

Democrats are supposedly against special tax credits for Wall St, right? And Republicans are supposedly against the government picking winners and losers? Under John Boehner, (and under the radar), this bill passed almost unanimously. It is the perfect example of why conservatives are in revolt in this country. What we have had for too long is basically one-party government – the party of the establishment, supported by their allies in the elite media, who allow the Democrats and Republicans alike to make a show of repeating their empty talking points and clichés, and never call them on their hypocrisies. 

In Congress today, only the House Freedom Caucus stand up against this corruption, and in forcing Boehner's resignation, they did an enormous service both to the nation and to their party. It is the first crucial step in exposing the unholy alliance between the establishments of both parties. But as the coming election of Kevin McCarthy shows, it is only a first step. America has long been played by the Boehner’s and Pelosi’s like a fiddle, and that will only change if voters send enough new members to the House Freedom caucus to finally, completely root out the corruption and work their will. And we know going in they will have to fight the media every step of the way.